Rider: Tatsumi Kono. Photo : Aaron Jamieson.

Over Shoot.

Yesterday I cruised around neck deep Rusutsu and found a bunch of features I wanted to shoot. With all the new snow things were looking great – super loaded. The sun came out today so we were back there again with Tats sending it all over the place. This hit wasn’t in the original plan […]

Powder vs Rock n Roll

Star Rider Wowsers, Star Rider from the band “Foreigner” this has to be the best choice of song to accompany a skiing video… Joey and Cam rip the shizzle up in this vid! Backcountry cat skiing with Nic and the crew, Scott, Cam – NSA,  but really all I wanna say is that  for a […]

A Niseko Express?

Niseko Express

You may have heard the term ‘A Niseko Express’…? Well if not, here’s it explained…. It’s a term coined a couple of years ago in an office with too many people and not enough oxygen (The old Niseko Photography Office – aka converted bathroom). A Niseko Express is the polite form of ‘A F*&%ing S*&%load […]

2 Quick Lines

2 Quick Lines

Here’s a couple of quick clips from the other day. 2 lines out cat skiing… After a couple of days of solid snow (maybe 50cm-60cm of fresh) I decided to grab a Gentem Big Fish for a day of Cat skiing in Niseko’s backcountry.. This was my first run of the day. So as a […]